Presentation at SVA

September 28th, 2009


On 21st September, thanks to the Chair Liz Danzico, I had the chance to talk about the design process of OTTO at the people of the Interaction Design program of the School of Visual Arts in New York.
I’m always happy to visit such a nice places, share my design design process with nice people and get feedbacks from them. Thank you guys.

BTW, after leaving the school I forgot to shot a picture to the right flag.. The one above is on the building on the opposite side of the street!

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Back from holidays

September 28th, 2009


Finally I’ve found some time to write about what’s happened in Pula.
Differently from what we planned, in the end it was a five days jam session and user testing. There has been no official performances. We were there just jamming with OTTO and the people were free to stop us playing to try the instrument or just ask us to explain how it works. In the end it has been a lot of fun and we are very happy about how thing went and want to thank all the people who has been there and all the new friends we made.

We also want to thank all the people who sent us their sample for this event. In the next days we are going to upload some stuff. Maybe a video or something, so probably some of you can recognize his sample here and there.

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OTTO lite

August 4th, 2009


Hey hey! The three new OTTO are ready to go!
And we’ll go with them as well for some summer live event. Unfortunately they are still not for sale but we really hope to meet you at some festival and let you play with it!
The reason why this three are so different that the first one is due to some changes forced by short time. This is a kind of lite version, which means that it has all the controls of the first OTTO but it doesn’t have the matrix of led which displays the audio sample.. How did we solved it?! This is a secret!
You can enjoy more picture at this link. And soon some video will show our super secret…

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OTTO at Media Mediterranea

July 22nd, 2009

Media Mediterranea

OTTO is going to have few dates in Croatia this summer for the Media Mediterranea festival. The five nights live demo performances and user testing session will be alternated as follow:

Aug 11 ~ 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm ~ Live demo performance
Aug 12 ~ 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm ~ User testing session
Aug 13 ~ 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm ~ Live demo performance
Aug 14 ~ 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm ~ User testing session
Aug 15 ~ 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm ~ Live demo performance

Here is the map to reach the place.

Live demo performances will be about showing OTTO live. Since there will be two OTTO we are going to play both rhythm and melody, but not with just our audio samples. For these sessions we would like to use your samples as well! So please feel free to send us what you have done or, if you like, make something especially for us. As a little reward, we’ll share with you the videos of the three nights and of course you’ll be credited everywhere your samples will be used by us. Uh, and by the way, we are NOT going to make money with them but just having fun and using them to spread OTTO’s voice, literally!

There are only a couple of rules to follow:
1-Indicate the BPM of the sample at the begin of your file’s name, like this: 180_fileName.aif
2-For rhythmical sample please don’t go over 3 seconds length.

Send your files at:

User testing sessions will be about letting you to play with OTTO, tell us your impression and suggestion but basically just have fun with it.

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Making more devices

July 12th, 2009

We finally started to build the other three prototypes. Since we have just one month to preapre devices, performances and other few things we chose to make the prototype more simple than the first one and to work more on the software side which needs a couple of changes.

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What are two guy doing wandering around in the pots area at IKEA? Well, since we need three more parachute devices to demo OTTO this summer and we have a couple of weeks to prepare them we really need to waste less time as possible.
These OTTOs can be considered a lite version of the one for the demo videos. More simple, with less LDEs and probably with an italian readymade style.

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July 2nd, 2009


Happy to read about OTTO even on Make’s blog. Thanks guys!

Article’s link

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July 1st, 2009


Thanks to IPONY for the big article + inteview. OTTO is happy!

Article’s link

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