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Italian, b. 1984, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
In love with the past, observing the present, obsessed with the future. Addicted to organized noise and silence. I meditate skateboarding.

Luca De Rosso is an interaction designer who has been working for the past years for New York based tech startups focused on data analytics and the art world.

His work is characterized by a human, sound, image triad. It explores possible interactions between analogical and digital, as a mean to achieve a result with a strong technological component and artificial qualities, yet preserving or reintroducing some organic ones.

One of his projects, OTOH, a controller for real time manual beat slicing of audio samples, received the mention of honor from the Lucky Strike Designer Award by the Raymond Loewy Fundation.

Luca is now freelancing and available for hire.


  • Center for Italian Modern Art, Sep 2015, New York
  • STRP festival, Nov 2010, Eindhoven
  • ISEA2010, Aug 2010, Essen & Dortmund
  • Festival Della Creatività , Oct 2009, Florence
  • Media Mediterranea, Aug 2009, Pula
  • Interaction Design department of the School of Visual Art – Sep 2009, New York
  • Tempo Reale, department of musical research, production and didactics – Sep 2009, Florence
  • Experientia, May 2009, Tourin
  • Frog Design, May 2009, Milan
  • H-farm, May 2009, Treviso


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